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Sponge that can stop bleeding in 90 seconds

Sponge that can stop bleeding in 90 seconds

Almost everyone has common cuts on their body. We use a bandage or something similar to stop the body and let natural healing take its course. We might even use special gels or such in that case.

However, think about the position of a frontline soldier in the battlefield. Not only can the solider heal himself/herself in the midst of a battle, the wounds and damage they face won’t stop easily. They even result in death. Countless soldiers in battle have lost their lives to bleeding.

In order to help these soldiers quickly heal their injuries on the battlefield, a two-member research team in Bengaluru developed a new product. They say that this product can stop bleeding in just 90 seconds.

The team consists of the duo M S Santosh and Divakara M. Their unique sponge is called DAPGS. The sponge is made with carboxyl-linked graphene.

This duo works in the Centre for Incubation, Innovation, Research and Consultancy (CIIRC) at Jyothi Institute of Technology. Even though their main intention was to help Indian soldiers, they say it can be used practically in many medical emergency.

Speaking of the applications of this sponge, Santosh says that if a medic were to locate a bleeding soldier on the battlefield, he can quickly use the DAPGS and move to help others.

They made this sponge with cross-linked graphene material which quickly stops bleeding because of the super absorbent properties it has. It is combined with a medical amino acid and a biocompatible protein so that the injured region does not get any infections.

The duo says there is a lot of potential for this innovation. It can work in many situations and is also cost effective.

Graphene and the amino acid used are rather inexpensive says the duo.

They are currently looking at more funding for this project to expand operations as well as increase reach.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia, Kottke

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