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Solar Powered device improves rural classrooms

Solar-Powered device improves rural classrooms

A simple solar powered device is helping rural schools in Maharashtra get access to multimedia content. This is helping the rural students have a new interest in their classes and is helping them get interesting content like their urban counterparts. The device doesn’t even require any prior knowledge about computers either.

The idea came for the duo Lavin and Lehar. Despite being in comfortable jobs, they felt like it wasn’t challenging enough for them. They wanted to do something that would have a positive impact on the society. They looked for areas that can be improved with the help of technology. They found the education sector attractive for this purpose.

The duo says that it is common knowledge for everyone that the rural education system in India is not very good. Since they were both from urban background, they did not have a complete idea of what is lacking in villages and what exact problems they were saying.

After six months of research on the issues, the duo decided on a good idea. They wanted to focus on skill development of teachers and let them use technology for modern classroom instruction.

In the end of 2014, they quit their jobs and started ConnectEd Technologies. The company makes education-technology which produces special tailor-made educational content to underprivileged kids through technology.

Their flagship device is a smart classroom system which helps teachers give using audio-visual content to their students. The device is a battery-operated, high definition projector. It runs based on solar energy and is easy to be operated by all teachers even without knowledge of computers. The simple device requires the teacher to switch on the device, find a multimedia educational content file, and play the chapter he/she is teaching that day.


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