Smartphone Keyboard to change rural India classrooms

Smartphone Keyboard to change classrooms in rural India

Smartphone Keyboard to change classrooms in rural India

Have you heard of WebBox? It is a teacher oriented mobile technology solution which is revolutionizing the education system in rural government schools with low income capacity. The tool is helpful in many things including multimedia tools and conceptual learning. The intervention of this tool has shown a great positive impact so far.

When it comes to teaching in these rural government schools, the teacher first explains the students in a traditional way. Once the explanation is done, the students are asked questions related to the topic.

Initially the programme was launched in 2012 and extended to several places. It reached thousands of students so far.

Here is how the innovation starts. Using the ‘SEE’ section of an interactive tool, the children are shown videos regarding the topic they are taught.

Once this section is over, the theory class will continue to the ‘DO’ section in this tool. In this section, the children will see practical examples, demonstrations, and learning practically. Students, who generally tend to pay less attention in class, have become much curious towards learning after the introduction of this tool.

WebBox is designed by Vodafone Solutions and Pratham Education Foundation. This interesting technology solution is a smartphone repackaged as a keyboard which serves as a low cost smart class platform.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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