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Talk with your MLAs through your smartphone

Talk with your MLAs through your smartphone

Meri Awaaz is a mobile-first platform that connects voters with their respective netas and administration. It acts as a platform to interact with the ministers, raise queries and post complaints which help them voters form a right decision before voting.

Started by a 22-year previous entrepreneur, Aditya Nayak, the app was at first launched as a platform to file complaints through your smartphone and report varied problems associated with sanitation, transportation, water, etc. However, bit by bit, the app was remodeled into a holistic platform using which you’ll be able to directly interact together with your MLAs.

The platform currently permits MLAs to talk with their voters, read current problems with their area and have interaction in local discussions.

Nayak stated that when he first launched this app, it was just an idea. He and his team had no clue on how to turn it into a business. They continued to work on it to make to something useful for people and then they built a company around it. They came up with the business model in late February and broke even.

The app was launched in July 2014 and the app already has more than 900 downloads. 10 MLAs are on board with this app.

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