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A Rakhi to save Greenery

A Rakhi to save Greenery

Aarey Milk Colony, the second largest green cover in Mumbai seems to be in trouble as it will soon be cleared for metro car shed and other commercial activities. How to save it, you ask? All you need to do is send a rakhi! Read on to find out how.

According to BMC Tree authority survey, around 2,298 trees are hindering the construction of a proposed car shed for Metro 3 in Mumbai. This means that the trees will be transplanted and some of them will need to be cut.

Some of the portion of the land will also be used for a man-made theme park and other purposes like housing, retail, and educational campuses.

The Aarey colony is spread over 1,619 verdant hectares. Out of the total area, 378 hectares are already occupied by a guest house, several dairy units, squatters, tribal padas (hamlets), Central Poultry Development Organization, private cattle sheds and film shooting sets. BMC’s draft has proposed development on 1,009 hectares which leaves only 232 hectares of green cover.

In order to oppose this moment and to save the greenery, a group of citizens have started a movement called Save Aarey. An initiative called Rakhis from Aarey has been started by Prashant Kalipurayath and three others.

The team writes letters by personifying the trees and writing what the threes would have said. They send these letters to prominent personalities combined with an eco-friendly rakhi. The letters have been sent 2000 famous people so far including PM Narendra Modi. One can help the campaign by sending them an eco-friendly rakhi.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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