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Railways to start new vacuum toilets

Railways to start new vacuum toilets

In recent days, Indian Railways is finding new ways to improve satisfaction of travelers. Several steps are being taken in this regard. Many new facilities are also being developed in the coaches of trains.

Those who travel in Indian Railways have definitely experienced the horrendous state of the toilets in the rails. They are messy, smelly and even blocked.

For this reason, the railways are taking an initiative to start new kind of bio vacuum toilets Chennai-based Integral Coach Factoryfor 100 new coaches.

These toilets will be of the same quality of those in aeroplanes. These coaches are expected to be launched by January 2018.

The current bio-toilets have received a numerous amount of complaints regarding their quality and maintenance. Several passengers are complaining about its poor quality, and Railways has focused on this issue.

These new vacuum toilets were already put in the new premium Tejas trains for testing. Now, it has been approved to be installed in other trains.

According to a senior Railway ministry official, Chennai-based Integral Coach Factory (ICF) will roll out 100 coach sets starting from January 2018.

These coaches will be fit into AC-I and AC-II tier coaches of trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto.

As the name suggests, these toilets use vacuum to keep things clean. While normal toilets use 10 to 15 litres of water per flush, the vacuum toilet only needs 500 ml of water.

Railways to start new vacuum toilets

Railways to start new vacuum toilets

The bio vacuum toilet mainly uses a suction pump which sucks waste without using much water. Because the waste is completely sucked in, bad smell is also limited.

The cost of these vacuum toilets are higher than normal ones. However, the Railways are ready to import what is needed by tying up with manufacturers and eventually even set up engineering units in India.


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