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New economy AC coaches by Railways

New economy AC coaches by Railways

A new innovation is coming to Indian Railway coaches: the new Economy AC coaches. These are cheaper than the current 3-AC coaches, and will soon be introduced in order to provide maximum comfort to as many passengers as possible.

With this, there will soon be fully air conditioned trains that will travel along select routes. These fully AC trains will also now have the newly added feature of automatic doors.

They will be organized with three-tier Economy AC coaches along with the AC-3, AC-2, and AC-1 classes. The entire transformation exercise will be tested soon on a separate cell created by the Indian Railways.

However, the new Economy AC coaches are noted to possibly be even more accommodating than other AC coaches. There will not be a chill felt by the passengers, with the temperature being regulated to a comfortable 24 to 25 Celsius.

The aim will not be to cool the passengers, but rather to keep them at a more comfortable temperature than the blazing heat so often felt outside, as said by a senior official of the Railway Ministry to the PTI.

These Economy AC coaches are specifically made to accommodate to a greater number of passengers, as seen with their more affordable price. However, the details have still not been worked out on them, and will need to be finalized before these coaches will be manufactured.

Currently, the fully air conditioned trains are the Rajdhani, the Shatabdi, and the rapid Tejas express train, which was only introduced recently.

New economy AC coaches by Railways

Representative picture.

There are still many questions hanging around the future of the Economy AC coaches, but it will certainly be an improvement in the comfort of traveling.

Hopefully, this will prompt other innovations in affordable travel methods in the future so that everyone can be provided with a comfortable trip.

Image Reference: WikiMediaCommons, Quora

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