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Now, fresh blankets to passengers of Railways

Now, fresh blankets to passengers of Railways

Indian Railways wants to provide fresh blankets to its passengers. For this, Railways decided to wash the blankets that are provided to train passengers after every use. The present blankets are thick and difficult to wash after every use.

So, they are washed occasionally once or twice in a month. Hence, it has decided to replace them with the lightweight blankets which are easily washable.

As per the senior Railway Ministry official, the proposed blankets are designed by NIFT and they are easy to wash. Furthermore, they are more durable. The fabric that is used for the blankets is a blend of wool and cotton which can last longer even with the daily wash. The decision was taken by the Railways to address issues related to complaints about the blankets by the passengers.

The newly designed washable blankets that were designed by NIFT will be used initially in some selected premier trains. Later, the plan will be extended to more trains.

Railways has undertaken several steps in providing mechanized laundries to cater the needs of daily washing bedrolls.

NIFT designed not just the blankets but the complete bedroll with new colour combination. This gives a fresh and new look for the entire bedroll including bed sheet and pillow covers. As many passengers preferred coloured bedroll to full white in a survey, Railways is trying to fulfill it. In addition to this, the interior design of the coaches is also being modified to be compatible with newly designed bedrolls.

Recently, Railways launched e-bedroll facility in which passengers can choose their bedrolls at the time of booking their tickets online.

There is a facility to buy takeaway bedroll kits at stations, so the passengers of sleeper class coaches can get them. Or they can order them online at the time of buying tickets.

At present, only the passengers who travel in AC coaches can get free bedroll facility. Remaining passengers will have to buy them.

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