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Mysuru starts electric cars initiative

Mysuru starts electric cars initiative

Gasoline fuel from cars is one of the leading causes of the buildup of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, and thus, people are working to find several solutions and alternate options that can lead to a cleaner global environment.

Therefore, electric cars have been on the rise, and they are continuing to gradually replace gasoline-powered cars. India is no exception to the movement toward alternative forms of transportation.

Mysuru had previously set an example with its public bicycle sharing (PBS) initiative, “Trin Trin”, and now, the city is ready to take another step forward in providing alternate transportation with its electric cars.

On Tuesday, D. Randeep, the Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru, launched 20 E2Oplus electric smart cars. This project is a joint collaboration, which has been undertaken by Mahindra Electric and the Zoomcar rental company.

This is the first time that self-drive electric cars have been launched for rental in any city in India on such a large scale as this. However, this will certainly not be the last time that electric cars will be made available for rental on such a large scale.

The collaborators on this project are currently planning on extending this initiative to other cities in India, such as Chandigarh, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

With such widespread usage of electric cars, city environments will certainly improve. According to Greg Moran, the co-founder and CEO of Zoomcar, the cost of electricity for these electric cars is 85% cheaper than the cost for the consumption of petrol or diesel.

Additionally, the rental charges of electric cars are about 10% cheaper than the charges of petrol or diesel vehicles, and they can be up to 40% cheaper when hiring a car with a driver.

Mysuru starts electric cars initiative

Mysuru starts electric cars initiative

An electric car battery that is charged for an hour at a fast charging unit can power the vehicle for up to 140 kilometers.

Thus, the usage of electric cars will be both more affordable for people and better for the environment.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia, Ways2GoGreen

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