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Petrol pumps likely to observe weekly off on Sundays soon

Petrol pumps likely to observe weekly off on Sundays soon

Employees prefer to do many things on Sundays. Refilling fuel is one thing among those. It is quite common for most of the people to fill fuel in their vehicles on holidays especially on Sundays as there will be no hurry on these days.

But, there may be no such opportunity from coming May onwards.

Also, you may not have an option to fill your tank after your office hours as petrol pumps are likely to work for only eight hours. So, you have no other option to refill the tank only during office hours.

Petrol pumps stated that they will remain shut i.e. observe weekly off on every Sunday from May 10 onwards.

This decision was taken after considering the opinion of representatives from various states who attended the meeting of Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers (CPID).

There are many other decisions which were also announced by them. May 10 will be observed as ‘No Purchase Day’ by them. In addition to observing the weekly off on every Sunday, the petrol pumps will work only for eight hours on all week days throughout the country.

They added that these decisions were taken to cut costs as it is very difficult to bear costs related to lighting, human resources etc.

The association stated that despite the recommendations of the Apurva Chandra Committee especially on margin money, oil companies are not showing interest in implementing them.

These issues were overlooked by them.Hence, petrol and diesel retailers are facing a lot of difficulties in meeting the necessary daily costs to carry out their business, says the Association.

They had withdrawn the strike threat earlier in the month of January due to the assurance given by the marketing companies on hiking dealer commission.

They alleged that even after four months nothing happened in this regard, hence they have taken this extreme decision.

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