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Matrimonial site for people with chronic diseases

Matrimonial site for people with chronic diseases

Vivek Sharma is a man who has seen many tragedies.

But he didn’t let these tragedies pull him down.

He wanted to make sure that those going through tragedies can find happiness. And that is the reason he started Divine Relations.

It is a matrimonial platform made for those who are suffering or have suffered from a chronic disease and want to get married.

Vivek Sharma is a marketing professional. He worked in the medical field all his life and saw many patients suffering from chronic diseases.

When he was working for companies like Cipla, Pfizer, Novartis, and Sanofi he saw people with severe problems including respiratory diseases, thalassemia, and organ transplanted people, and dialysis dependents.

He got the idea to start the website when he met two doctors, oncologist Dr. Chetan Deshmukh from Pune and nephrologist Dr. Hemal Shah from Bombay.

He talked to them about how patients even though they recovered from chronic diseases were not able to find brides or grooms for marriage.

Matrimonial site for people with chronic diseases

Matrimonial site

He wanted to help them and thus Divine Relations started. The platform offers complete security for the users. The user has to provide an identity proof to register. After the profile is created, one can browse the profiles of others.

The user can request to connect with a person and if the other person approves they can talk. The website is still very new. In order to get more users, they approached various doctors, medical social workers etc. A lot of doctors see such cases and now they recommend Divine Relations to their patients, says Vivek.

Vivek is an IIM Calcutta alumnus. He even founded an NGO named Mickey Amogh Foundation. He himself suffered a tragedy when he lost his only son to an undiagnosed medical condition in 2014. Although there hasn’t been many matchmaking cases in the website, Vivek is optimistic about it.

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