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Mumbai sex workers daughters rock the stage in NYC

Mumbai sex workers daughters rock the stage in NYC

It is not uncommon for teenage girls to have dream of performing on a stage on New York. However, they can be tough to achieve if they are daughters of Mumbai sex workers.

One of them, Danish Shaikh, 16, had never been on an flight, in addition to to a different country, before she go away for the large Apple with a dozen of her contemporaries at the top of last week.

The girls were on the first leg of a tour of the u. s., performing arts the Lal Batti Express: a series of short skits regarding the stigma they’ve experienced as product of the red light district.

The trip was organized by the non-profit-making Kranti, that was established to empower women from these areas, and raised the funds for the excursion.

Kranti is predicated in mumbai out of a three-bedroom flat and is home to sixteen women whose mothers couldn’t take care of them. 13 of them are within the U.S. currently on the tour that’s meant to show them a way to influence society permanently.

Their 1st performance in America was thursday evening in a little theater in downtown new york, simply hours after they landed. The stories are based on real life drama they’ve lived and they are performed in Hindi.

Image Reference: WSJ

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