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How hearing impaired people can play music easily

How hearing impaired people can play music easily

Have you heard of the Music Chakra? It is designed by Ramesh, a graduate of IIT Madras. It is made to help anyone, with or without music knowledge, to easily learn and play music. The music can be any type from Carnatic and Hindustani to Western music.

LS Ramesh, did six years of hard research to come up with something new and simple for the process of learning music. His new design is called the Sri Saraswati Music Chakra.

Whether it is the classical music of India or western music from western world, the notes and raagas are quite similar. A Raaga is a series of musical notes on which every melody is constructed. Many musicians say that some raagas are common to all styles of music.

There are 72 parent raagas in the Carnatic classical music. In order to help the learning process of basics of this style of music, Ramesh developed a chakra chart. The chart contains two circular diagrams on both sides of the chart. It has main keys of 36 raagas marked on each side.

In order for the learner to understand it easily, the circular diagram is divided into 12 different segments and 6 different colors are used to highlight the segments.

For each raga, there are specific keys that needs to be played. In each sub segment of a particular raga, there are specific keys which should be played. They are drawn like how one would see them on a piano. It is marked with dots so that even people without knowledge of music can understand them without any difficulty.

According to Ramesh, children who learn music based on a visual tool can remember the maps much more easily than when they learn music by listening to tunes. With the help of this chart, even hearing impaired and autistic people can play music easily.

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