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Music by Children for Children on Children’s Day

Music by Children for Children on Children’s Day

In the present day, many children are not exposed to the classical music heritage of India either at home or at school.

In order to create better awareness about classical music among children, this children’s day Shubhendra & Saskia Rao Foundation presents ‘Music by Children, For Children’.

This is a concert with interactive music sessions along with a carnival of enjoyable activities for the whole family.

The aim of this foundation is to improve the music education in schools by providing a curriculum based teaching along with a good foundation in universal music concepts from an Indian perspective.

The organizers of the event work with international experts of musical education to inspire children towards classical Indian music.

They aim to create ‘glocalized’ music education. This means using global music in an Indian perspective.

The organizers organize concerts, seminars, workshops etc. to help understand the power of music.

The slogan “Right to Learn” is modified into the slogan “Right to learn Music” by the organizers because they consider learning music very crucial.

This year, the girls of the Hope school will perform publicly to showcase all that they have learned in a year. This is an opportunity for the girls to showcase their talent with their families and friends.

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