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Bike Ambulances reach patients in 10 minutes

Bike Ambulances reach patients

The bike ambulances are a new initiative aimed to reach people who need critical medical support immediately.

They are launched in Karnataka and are the first in India. They provide the required support till the four wheeler ambulance arrives.

This unique new service is very helpful in congested areas with heavy traffic as bikes are much easily maneuverable.

During traffic golden hours, four wheeler ambulances usually get stuck when every second could mean the life or death of a person.

In order to combat this problem, Bengaluru is now seeing two wheeler ambulances zipping past the traffic to carry important medical supplies to reach patients who need emergency medical attention.

The bike ambulances will be able to administer the required care to the patients until an ambulance van reaches the scene. Karnataka became the first state to launch this service on April 15h.

The Health minister of Karnataka has launched 30 Avenger 220CC bikes which act as ambulances in the city.

This team is being called the “platinum 10 minutes” trauma care initiative. Each one of these bike ambulances cost Rs.2 lakhs.

They are equipped with 40 emergency medical items including stethoscope, pulse oxymeter, bandages and IV normal saline and 53 other basic drugs.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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