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Langhar- A unique Market Place to sell your Cooking Skills

Necessity is the mother of invention. The establishment of Langhar is a good example for this. Langhar, a Delhi based website was founded in 2012. The Langhar boys behind the website are Karan, Sunil, Pankaj and Pawan.

The idea was born when Karan’s mom expressed her wish to gift her son on his birthday with the money earned on her own. She is a home maker and has good skills in cooking. Then the ‘Langhar’ boys distributed pamphlets in their locality by specifying the cooking talents of Karan’s mom and invited guests to their home. They got good response after two days with the receipt of their first call. 20 guests ate in their home in that month and Karan’s mom earned $100 with which she bought a watch for her son. She donated food to poor as well.

Thus, Langhar was born. It is a unique market place where home makers and other cooks can make money with their cooking skills by inviting guests to their homes for eating food. At the same time, foodies can taste different delicious and home-made recipes at competitive prices.

To earn money, cooks need to register with the site and upload their dishes. They can make a profile and invite guests. They will receive money when the invited guests visit the home of the cooks to eat. The cooks can receive reviews and rating as well. Foodies who like home-made food can search their website for dishes and book their desired dish. Then visit the home of cooks and dine there.

Langhar is a good platform for those who want to earn money with their cooking skills. Their popularity will be increased and they can make more friends there. Reviews given by guests can help the cooks to build a real reputation. The website is free to register and one can get many bookings from guests. The cooks need to pay to Langhar only when they receive payments from the guests.

Langhar has offices in Noida, USA and Canada. They are funded by Times Internet Limited and The ARK. For every order, they donate one meal to people in need. So far, they have donated 2745 meals. If you want to earn money with your cooking skills, try this website. Or if you are a foodie and love variety of recipes, then book meal from them.

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