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Art from trash water bottles

Art from trash water bottles

While riding a train, many people decide to throw their empty bottles, empty cans, and other various trash items out the window. Often, they don’t want to bother riding the rest of the train trip carrying them, until they can reach a proper garbage can when they get off.

However, such actions litter the sides of railways, dirtying and ruining the natural environment. The officials of the Palakkad Railways have recognized this problem, and have now decided to do something about it.

An official in their SSE Drawing Section, C. H. Anil Kumar, brought forth his idea to show passengers how their waste items can be useful tools.

The Palakkad Railways have initiated a cleanliness drive to rid the railways of waste, and Anil’s innovative plan is part of it. Anil’s plan is to accumulate trash items such as empty bottles, cans, and other containers, and turn them into useful utilities.

He gives an example of what can be done with a single empty plastic bottle. It can be used to create three things: a flower, a flower vase, and a pen holder.

Anil also has artistic interests; he is interested in painting, and he creates many of his paintings by scratching them with blades (termed as “Scratchography” by him), which were showcased in an exhibition in Ernakulam. He uses these artistic interests in his cleanliness drive.

Anil takes waste materials such as plastic bags, paper plates, paper cups, and discarded aluminum foil, and turns them into artworks. He has showcased these in an exhibition in the Divisional Office in Palakkad, and has won accolades for them.

Art from trash water bottles

Art from trash water bottles

With these innovative ideas driving the Palakkad Railways’ cleanliness initiative, people can be easily motivated to salvage their trash items for later use.

Things that were once waste items can be made into beautiful artwork like Anil’s, and therefore, the Indian railways will soon be much more environmentally friendly.

Image Reference: Flickr, TheOdysseyOnline

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