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High speed Talgo train delayed by rains

High speed Talgo train delayed by rains

The Spanish-made train Talgo got delayed in its third and final phase of trials. The third phase started from Delhi on Monday evening. The train arrived in Mumbai on Tuesday. However, due to Heavy rains and water on tracks in Gujarat.

The train was seen speeding through at an amazing speed. The morning peak hour commuters managed to get a glimpse of the train as it passed Palghar and Vasai. The high speed Talgo train aims at reducing the travel time between Delhi and Mumbai to 12 hours. The train is met with many people cheering and waiting to get a small glimpse of it.

Talgo is a Spanish made train made to improve travel times. At 10:57 am, there were many commuters waiting nearby to get a look at the train. The train was met with joy as the commuters cheered for it.

The train had nine lightweight coaches. The journey of the Talgo train began at 7.55 pm from New Delhi station. The journey however got delayed due to the bad weather. The tracks near Vapi-Udwada were filled with a lot of water which was the main reason for the delay.

Initially, the Talgo train which was being tested was supposed to reach the destination of Mumbai at 8.31 am. The train is expected to have a speed range of 130 kmph to 150 kmph making them very high speed.

The Talgo trains will take 3 trips between Mumbai and Delhi between August 1 and 5. The speed of the train would be around 150kmph. The total journey is expected to be completed in 12 hours and 55 minutes.

The trains are expected to finish the Mumbai to Delhi train journey in 13 hours. This train is faster than Rajdhani Express which goes at 130 kmph maximum and takes about 16 hours to finish the journey.

Image credit: Image by falco from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/uzbekistan-samarcanda-tashkent-4579332/

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