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An app to track your child’s health

An app to track your child’s health

This new app helps parents keep track of the baby’s health. From keeping track of the baby’s first smile to first steps to ensure it is immunized on time. The app revolutionizes the way parents keep track of the health of the child.

Every parent wants to ensure the safety of their baby. However, it is not possible for all babies to get attention of pediatricians all the time. In order to help this situation, a new app called Babysteps can help parents to track baby’s development and health from 0-2 years in particular. This could make a lot of difference for parents.

The app was made by Neha Kumar (Assistant Professor of Global Development and Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech) and Rajesh Chandwani (a pediatrician and IIM-A professor). The two met at a medical Jugaad-a-thon organized by CAMTech India, along with Glocal Healthcare and GE Healthcare, in July 2014 where they walked away with the top prize of INR 2,50,000.

As Rajesh is a pediatrician, he knew the many challenges faced in the field. The fact that many pediatricians cannot give more than seven minutes of time to one child makes it hard for them to detect any developmental defects in the child. That made this app very crucial.

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