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Sikh man saves a child

Sikh man removes turban to save a child

Displaying that no religious rule is more important than a life, the actions of 22 year old Harman Singh have gone viral. A picture of him helping a 6 year old child has made him a global topic of conversation. In order to help the bleeding child, Harman Singh removed his turban.

Daejon Pahia, the six year old child was hit by a car and was bleeding profusely and was in need of immediate medical attention. Harman rushed to help the child and put his humanity above religious protocol by using his turban to stop the bleeding.

According to his religion, the turban should not be removed in public. However, this rule did not stop him when he saw Daejon bleeding. His actions have returned to him now and he was rewarded. He was interviewed by many people and got global fame. Many viewers have raised concern about the fact that Harman sleeps on a mattress on the floor and that he only has a few plastic chairs in his living room.

Now, he was given a lounge suite, a bed and a coffee table. Harman was speechless when he found the furniture. He thanked profusely for what he received and stated that this was the biggest surprise of his life.

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