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Pothole helped launch a Multi-Million Dollar Company

Pothole helped launch a Multi-Million Dollar Company

The potholes that cause a lot of problems for us every day are hated by everyone. Do you know that these potholes have actually inspired a team of students at MIT to create clean and incredible technology? The technology generates more energy the bigger your vehicle is and the bumpier the road is.

Shakeel Avadhany, an Indian American and the CEO of Levant Power Corporation, USA, uses this technology to run his business. When he was a student in MIT, he found it quite frustrating to have his drive to college filled with pot-holed roads in the city.

It was these infamous Boston potholes that helped Avadhany’s career. Based on these potholes, he founded a company called Levant Power Corporation along with his MIT classmate Zack Anderson and others in 2009. Now it is a multi-million dollar company. The company designs GenShock, a special energy harvesting shock absorber. These shock absorbers use bounces and vibration from the vehicle to pump a fluid through hydraulic motor. The motor is connected to a generator to produce electricity.

After many prototypes, they successfully launched a working design. The full team comprises of Indian American Shakeel Avadhany, Zack Anderson, Zack Jackowski, Ryan Bavetta and Vladimir Tarasov.

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