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Mechanic’s son get into MIT

Mechanic’s son get into MIT

In a tale of great hardships and great human support emerged Ayush Sharma. He is set to go to MIT for his undergraduation. It might sound normal, but the story behind this makes it extraordinary. A mechanic’s son, Ayush is one of three people from India who are going to be heading to the world renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology in September this year with a full scholarship!

Ayush’s father is a mechanic in UP public works Department and his mother retired as a constable from Central Reserve police force (CRPF). When Ayush informed his parents that he got admission in the prestigious MIT, they felt very happy.

Ayush’s parents who have never even been to a degree college are very proud to see their son to be the first one to not only go to undergraduate level but also doing it in one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Manju Sharma, Ayush’s mother says that god has blessed her child.

He required travel funds for getting there and with the help of an amazing crowd funding program he was able to get $1500 (Rs.90,000) in just 6 hours. Ayush feels that the changes in him will now always be there in his life. He feels that he became better at communicating with others and can better express his ideas and concepts in a powerful way.

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