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Women and children can use toilet in South Delhi hotels

Women and children can use toilet in South Delhi hotels

As the population increases, so do the problems, especially sanitation facilities are a big challenge for the government to tackle. Improving public toilet facilities is not a simple task.

It is a major concern especially for women it is a major concern. It is a big challenge to provide toilet facilities in crowded places like markets.

Several proposals have been made to solve this issue. Many people sent their advices on this issue as well.

To solve the problem in Delhi, South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) took initiatives on this issue by discussing with various restaurants and hotels to make them available for public use.

Based on the prospects of the discussions, SDMC announced earlier that the facility will be available from April 1 by paying a nominal amount.

Meanwhile, some hotels and reactants have come forward by letting women and children use their toilets for free from today onwards. This initiative was taken considering the safety issue of women.

This move was initiated as part of Swacch Bharat campaign.

This move brought an extra 3,500 toilets for public use.

The idea was originally given as an advice by Lt Governor Anil Baijal who urged SDMC to act accordingly. The original proposal included all the users including men who are charged up to ₹5 for accessing private toilet of restaurants based on the discretion of hotel owners.

This nominal amount will be used for maintenance and cleaning.

However, the restaurants owners agreed to let women and children access the toilets at their premises for free from today onwards.

It was initially agreed by both the parties in general.

SDMC officials stated that through this move they will review the concerns and difficulties faced by hotels practically on May 1.

Based on the review and after testing its efficiency, the initiative will be extended further.

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