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Find My Stay – A hotel bidding platform

Find My Stay – A good hotel bidding platform

Find My Stay is a hotel bidding platform to get the best of hotel rates. It helps users get the best hotels within their budget.

Find My Stay is a Delhi based startup. The company introduced the concept of Reverse Bidding to book the hotels. That means customers can decide the price for their stay in the hotels. Hotels can also sell their unsold inventory rather than letting them go to waste completely. Thus, it is a win-win situation where both customers and hotels can gain from it.

The customers who want to use the hotels can use their preferred location and star category. Then they have to quote price or bid, the remaining will be looked after by the company by way of negotiations.

Before submitting the bid, Find My Stay will intimate the customers about the average prices of the hotels based on their requirements. Then the customers can submit their bids and the company will negotiate with hotels on behalf of the users so that the users can get accommodation in the best hotels in their budget.

The customers should book the hotels at the specified prices immediately if they find them fit to their needs and budget. This is because the prices will be valid for 48 hours from the time of bidding.

Users can accept or decline the offer if they are not satisfied and choose another hotel that has accepted your price. Users can select up to 5 hotels. They can even book hotels 2 months in advance.

Booking should be confirmed by making payment on the company’s platform. Bids once made cannot be changed and no modification to them is possible. Customers need to bid again to change the search criteria. Counter offers are also provided to users. They are hotels that slightly fall outside of the chosen price ranges of the users. They can either be accepted or declined.

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