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President: Gender bias doesn’t belong in Modern India

President: Gender bias doesn’t belong in Modern India

President Pranab Mukherjee was speaking at a ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan. As he was presenting Nari Shakti (women power) Puraskar on Wednesday which marks the international women’s day, he spoke of the state of things in India.

He said that in the modern India, gender biases have no place. The country as a whole is now focused on inclusive development he says.

Talking about the rise in crime against women in the country, he said it was a sad situation and it is not at all excusable. Women should be feeling secure and safe in India he said.

In the Nari Shakti awards, 31 inspiring women were chosen to be honored.

The list included ISRO scientists, first-ever women troupe of Kathakali dancers, survivors of acid attack and trafficking, environment and animal activists, India’s first female graphic novelist, etc.

Subha Varier, B Codananyaguy and Anatta Sonney are three women scientists of ISRO who received the award.

They were involved with some of ISRO’s landmark missions like the Chandrayaan mission, Mangalyaan mission and the most recent launch of 104 satellites in one go.

Subha Varier did crucial work in the launch of 104 satellites. She was in-charge of the video system for the launch.

She says that video is very important to show the achievement of India. There were satellites of six countries launched in the mission.

As a result, the video evidence was very crucial.

Amruta Patil, a writer and painter also got this award for being the first female graphic novelist of the country. She made a graphic novel ‘Adi Parva’, based on the Mahabharata.

Mumtaz Kazi, Asia’s first woman to drive a diesel train was also among the winners along with Anoyara Khatun, a survivor of trafficking who dedicated herself to rescuing child laborers. The Nari Shakti Purashkar consists of ₹1 lakh and a certificate.

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