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Organization that helped over 90,000 students

Organization that helped more than 90,000 students

While the education system in India focuses on the marks that a person scores in exams, there are certain skills that are often looked over by students and parents alike.

The skills needed to succeed in life like confidence and other life skills are important for young students to make it big in their careers.

Looking at the engineers in India, it was reported by the fifth edition of National Employability Report 2015-16 that more than 80 per cent of engineers remain unemployable. The main reason for this is because education institutions do not offer these skills to students.

Skills related to Communication, English, Life Skills, Digital Literacy are very important these days. Most companies look for these skills when they are hiring a candidate.

A candidate without these skills has less chance of getting hired despite scoring high in their exams.

This is the reason why Quest Alliance was started. Quest Alliance is a non-profit trust. They work along with Accenture and provide necessary skills to students.

They are providing important life, work and communication English skills to young students. The learning and knowledge management experts from Accenture helped in forming a special kind of ‘Blended-Learning’ experience. They use a combination of digital self-learning, classroom activities, games and more.

Quest Alliance is using new kinds of technology to help students learn these skills. In order to make learning fun, they have combined digital self-learning modules with gamified assessments and classroom group activities. This has made more students interested in learning new skills.

As of now, the organization has helped more than 90,000 people across India. Out of the 90,000 who have taken part in this collaboration between Accenture and Quest Alliance, 70 percent of the students have already got jobs in various organizations and their career and their career turned around.

Quest Alliance would be helping many more students learn useful skills in the future as well.

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