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Govt issues advisory to students wishing to study medicine in China

Govt issues advisory to students wishing to study medicine in China

Many Indian students pursue medicine in other countries in Russia, the Philippines, China etc. Due to the pandemic many countries limited or prohibited the issuance of visas to students of other countries. As a result, many Indian students who enrolled at foreign universities are stuck in India.

As per sources, more than 23,000 Indian students enrolled in various courses in China. But due to Beijing’s visa ban, they all had to stay at home. Recently, China resumed issuing visas to students who enrolled at various educational universities. However, China decided to issue a limited number of visas.

The majority of students who enrolled at China universities are medical students. Hence, the Government of India issued an advisory for students who want to study medicine in China. The Indian Embassy in Beijing issued an advisory for prospective Indian students who are planning to study medicine in China.

Here are the details:

The advisory emphasized that only 16 per cent of Indian students passed the required tests during the period of the last six years. These tests are essential to practice medicine in India. These tests are qualifying tests. Only those who pass these tests will be qualified to practice medicine in India. So, students and parents should note that while enrolling in China medical colleges.

Since fee structure is different for various universities, students should check directly from the university while taking admission.

The advisory issued a list of 45 accredited universities by the Chinese government. They offer medical degrees with a duration of five years with an internship of one year.

Indian students should choose any of these 45 colleges to pursue medicine, but not from any other college.

Students should crack the Chinese Medical qualification examination to practice medicine in China after completing their internship. Apart from that, they must also obtain a physician qualification certificate.

Students should not join the clinical medicine programme that is offered in the Chinese language.

Though the course is taught in English, students should learn the Chinese language up to the HSK-4 level. They must clear the minimum Chinese language skills, or else they will not be awarded a degree.

Indian students, who have studied medicine in China, should clear the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test-Undergraduate (NEET-UG) exam and then the Foreign Medical Graduates Exam (FMGE).

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