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Less known facts about India’s Republic Day Parade

Less known facts about India’s Republic Day Parade

Republic Day Parade is a grand event held by Ministry of Defense.

It is the main attraction of Republic Day celebrations.

There are many interesting and lesser known facts about the Republic Day Parade.




Here is a list of such facts.

The Republic Day Parade lasts for 3 days. It starts on January 26 and ends on January 29.

The Parade is held along the Rajpath. The tradition of organizing the Parade in Rajpath was started in 1955.

Prior to that, it was held in various venues in the country.

Prime Minister of India lays a floral wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyothi to commemorate the martyrs of the country.

Then, he reaches the main dais at Rajpath and joins other dignitaries.

Simultaneously, President of India reaches the destination with the Chief Guest.

Each year a foreign head will be invited to be participated in the Republic Day celebrations as a Chief Guest.

India invited France and Bhutan members as guests four times which is highest number of times any country has been invited.

The Parade begins with unfurling of the national flag by the President of India while the National Anthem is playing, and a 21-gun salute is given as a naval and military honor.

Each part of the country is exemplified in the Parade.

French Army soldiers and French Army Band took part in the 67th Republic Day parade in 2016.

It is the first time that a foreign army contingent marched down the Rajpath in the Republic Day Parade.

Full dress rehearsal Parade is also organized each year three days prior to the event i.e. on 23rd January.

The Parade contains more than 25 marching and mounted contingents, 20 military bands, 30 cultural tableaux and many military vehicles.

India’s Republic Day Parade has camel mounted Border Security Force contingent. It is a unique event since India has the only camel mounted military force in the world.

About 1200 school children perform in the cultural programs of the Republic Day Parade.

Children who have shown bravery will be felicitated with National Bravery Award.

They are given rides on the decorated vehicles and elephants.

Several important awards like the Ashok Chakra and Kirti Chakra are given by the President before the commencement of the march.

The Parade ends on the evening of January 29 which is held at Vijay Chowk with the Beating Retreat song performed by the bands of Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy.

The Parade traditionally ends with performances of bike stunts of three Armed Forces of India.

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