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Indian artillery power display

Indian artillery power display

At the ‘Exercise Sarvatra Prahar’ which was recently conducted at the School of Artillery at Devlali, Nasik, the Indian Artillery gunners displayed their power and expertise with their deadly firepower.

The exercise was conducted through a tactical situation which required the importance of the operation and preparation of an Artillery fire plan that supports the operation. The main aim of the exercise is to display the fire power of various types of artillery firsthand to show the power of the defence forces officers on the battlefield.

In order to inspire the young minds, many school children and NCC cadets from the nearby schools were invited to the exhibition. The children were given a show of strength of the Indian Army’s Artillery Corps.

In the exercise, a vast number of equipment was used to showcase the power of the Regiment of Artillery. The range of guns include the indigenous 120 mm Mortars, 155 mm Soltam, 105 mm Indian Field Gun, 105 mm Light Field Gun, 130 mm Medium Gun to the sophisticated 155 mm FH 77B Bofors and 122 mm Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher GRAD BM 21. They all showed their amazing and destructive power.

In the exhibition of power, the gunners showed their accuracy, consistency and the amazing power of the Artillery by destroying various targets simultaneously with a various number of guns.

Furthermore, various different new generation rockets and missile systems like Pinaka, Smerch and a model of Brahmos missile were also displayed. They also showcased the Surveillance and Target Acquisition equipment like the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Surveillance Sensors and Weapon Locating Radars during the exercise. These devices are helpful in increasing the fire power of the Artillery units in multiples when used together with the guns.

Various officers from the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, Military Institute of Technology, Pune, College of Military Engineering (CME) and cadets from the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA), Pune witnessed the event.

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