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Banned items at the Republic Day Parade

Banned items at the Republic Day Parade

Ahead of the 74th Republic Day, the Delhi Police released a list of prohibited items. These items will not be permitted at the Republic Day parade in Kartavya Path.

The public is not allowed to carry or bring any of these items to the Republic Day parade: All types of food items or eatables, perfumes, spray, remote-controlled car lock keys, cameras and handycams, binoculars, bags, cans, umbrellas, pouches, I-Pads, digital diaries, palm-top computers, pens, briefcase, flasks, water bottles, coins, radio, transistor, tape recorder, sharp objects like blades, scissors, knives, inflammable items, alcohol, crackers, fireworks, explosives, arms and Ammunition, daggers, swords, any type sharp pointed objects, edged materials, screwdrivers, toy guns and replica firearms.

Only people who have valid tickets or passes for the event will be allowed. The QR codes on tickets and passes will be verified. So, one must have a valid ticket or pass to participate in the parade. Also, they must strictly adhere to guidelines issued by the Delhi Police.

To help people attending the event, help desks have been set up at various points across the route. In addition, park and ride services are available on both sides of Kartavya Path.

Meanwhile, the preparations for the Republic Day parade have started. Full dress rehearsals for the parade are going to start today for the parade. Hence security across the national capital has been beefed up.

Also, a traffic advisory has been issued for Delhiites by the Delhi Police. As part of it, many roads have been shut down. They directed the public to take alternate routes, which have been mentioned in the traffic advisory.

Two metro stations on the yellow line will also remain closed. The full dress rehearsal will commence from Vijay Chowk. The Delhi Police has been stopping all the traffic from Vijay Chow to India Gate since yesterday evening. They will reopen after the completion of the parade rehearsal.

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