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Langar on Wheels by Delhi Sikh Gurudwara

Langar on Wheels by Delhi Sikh Gurudwara

Thousands of migrant workers have been walking for miles to reach their homes since the beginning of the nationwide lockdown.

Several of them do not get access to food and water during their journey while some of them don’t even have proper footwear.

Yet, they did not stop their journey aiming to reach their native areas. In this context, many philanthropists came forward to help them.

The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee is one among them which has organized an initiative, ‘Langar on Wheels’ to feed people in need.

Now, unlock 1.0 phase is going on in the country. Many economic activities have started. Yet, several people find it difficult to meet their daily needs due to lack of adequate income. While some of them lost their jobs, others are getting partial/reduced income from their employer.

In this scenario, many people are facing financial troubles. Hence, the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee came forward to feed people.

Their Langar on Wheels initiative is feeding approximately 15,000 people daily. These people include migrant workers, people living on the roads, bus stands, pavements, railway stations etc.

The food is sent through 15 vans daily to be served to them at various places in Delhi.

The initiative will serve the food for underprivileged people for a month. If needed, it will be extended longer till all the economic activities in the country are restored or these people can sustain themselves.

The committee estimates the demand for the food by staying in touch with the resident welfare associations, Sikh leaders and government officials. Additional food will be immediately arranged if demand increases.

The Langar on Wheels serves food to the people in need at a convenient place. While serving food, social distancing is followed.

Earlier also, the Gurudwara distributed 1 lakh food packets to the poor daily for a few weeks.
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