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Gurudwara provides food to Madrasa students

Gurudwara provides food to Madrasa students

The sudden lockdown caused a lot of troubles to millions of people especially who are away from their homes.

Since there is no vehicular movement, they cannot return to their homes. Hence, millions of people are stuck in places as they were. They are struggling to get access to basic needs like food and shelter.

Many NGOs and other people are helping these people in various states across the country.

Gurdwara Haa Da Naara Sahib in Malerkotla, Punjab is one among them. The Gurudwara provides food to students of nearby Madrasa stuck due to lockdown and shows communal harmony.

As soon as the lockdown was imposed in the country, many students of Madrasa were sent back to their home. However, nearly 40 students from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh could not be sent back due to the cancellation of trains and lack of other transport services. Hence, they were left behind there.

When the committee of Gurudwara came to know about the hunger problems of students, they decided to provide meals to them. In addition to that, the committee members are also taking care of other needs.

In the beginning, the committee faced problems due to lack of enough utensils to cook for students. But, they acquired them later with the help of local residents and NGOs.

Kuldeep Singh, in-charge of the Gurdwara says that they are feeding 800 people in the morning and 700 people in the evening. In addition to that, they are also feeding 1,000 poor people daily with the help of the community kitchen. These people include visitors, migrant labourers and others who do not have food to eat.

Local residents are helping them in this. They are providing pulses and flour. Women are helping their work as well. The committee members thanked all the people.
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