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Delhi cops give ration to daily wagers during lockdown

Delhi cops gives ration to daily wagers during lockdown

Daily wages and migrant workers are in a lot of trouble due to present lockdown in the country. Several people have been held up due to the sudden lockdown.

The state governments try to solve the problems regarding the essential things; yet, the prices of several grocery items and vegetables soared.

Many food items are not available at stores even though people are willing to pay for them premium prices.

In such a situation, daily wagers and migrant workers are facing severe troubles. They are in a situation where they can neither return to their home place due to lack of transport nor stay at the present places due to lack of work.

Several of them are living on roads and small huts. They don’t have enough food to eat. In a heartbreaking situation, two daily wagers who are working at a sandal factory in Delhi have been surviving on biscuits for four days.

They could not control their hunger after the fourth day. They desperately called the cops.

The two workers, Prashant and his friend Mohammad Dilshad living at a rented accommodation in Delhi.

Prashant hails from Gorakhpur and Dilshad hails from Bihar.

When they called the police and explained their situation, they were asked to come to the station.

The policed helped them by providing ration and some cash to them. The cops gave them ₹1,000 and essential things like rice and dal for a couple of days.

After that, the cops also looked for others who are struggling to survive in the lockdown.

The labour ministry directed central ministries and state governments to look after migrant workers during the lockdown. They also have been directed to make sure that employers don’t fire their employees or reduce their wages.

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