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Compass Group provides food to people in need

Compass Group provides food to people in need

Lakhs of underprivileged people across the country are in need of food. Several NGOs and other people are providing food to these people.

Compass Group is one among them. This contract food service provider has served more than 6.7 lakh meals to the people in need in various areas including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad during the lockdown.

Dev Amritesh, Managing Director of Compass Group says that generally, kitchens do not stop functioning unless something is wrong. Even in homes, except in the event of a death of a family member and other such serious conditions, kitchens function. He thought that if a home’s kitchen is not stopped then why should his company’s kitchen be stopped.

Hence, Compass Group started Let’s Feed Together. Under this initiative, it served lakhs of meal packets to people in need.

Compass Group serves many large corporations. However, soon after the announcement of the lockdown, several companies asked their employees to work from home which resulted in shutting their operations.

But, later, it observed that many migrant workers are in trouble to get their daily food. In this context, Amritesh decided to open their kitchens and serve these people.

Their group has enough infrastructure with industrial-scale kitchens and expertise to feed many people daily.

Hence, Compass Group began the feeding event and tweeted about it. Soon after the tweet, several state governments approached them for help.

They tied up with many partner associations like Swiggy to distribute food. They invited individuals to donate to feed people.

Food is cooked in their kitchen with the help of NGO partners and government agencies. Fresh food is prepared each day. Each meal weighs around 450 grams with vegetables and dal. It is distributed to the right people with the distributing partners.

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