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Samosa Singh offers varieties of samosas

Samosa Singh offers varieties of samosas

Samosa is one of the popular and favourite snack items in India. Potato samosas and onion samosas are the most common varieties of samosas offered at many outlets across the country. But this startup offers different varieties of samosas to satisfy the needs of food lovers.

Shikhar Veer Singh and his wife Nidhi Singh founded the startup. This couple from Haryana started their samosa outlet in Bengaluru by quitting their high-paying corporate jobs.

Realizing the business potential, the couple invested their savings in the business. In addition, they sold their apartment to start the outlet in Bengaluru.

The couple invested ₹80 lakhs to buy a factory in Bengaluru and build a bigger kitchen. They are earning more than ₹12 lakhs per day by selling samosas.

The startup introduced different types of innovative samosas on the menu to attract food lovers. Manchurian samosa, cheese n corn samosa, kadai paneer samosa etc. are some of them.

The couple spent many hours on R&D to enhance the taste and texture of samosa while keeping it less oily and lighter. In this way, they want to grab the attention of health-conscious people as well.

The couple succeeded in their efforts and could keep their samosas crispy for more time. As they consume less oil, they have at least 50% less fat, with which users can get 45% fewer calories.

Samosa Singh raised funds from many investors for the expansion of their business. It established many cloud kitchens. It planned to set up more such kitchens across the country.

The startup prepares foods in its central kitchen and distributes them to cloud kitchens and offline stores. Thus, it wants to retain its quality and consistency.

Samosa Singh offers franchises to interested aspirant entrepreneurs. The startup has many outlets across the country. On average, the startup sells 30,000 samosas each month. Its turnover is ₹45 crores.

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