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Kerala has more number of COVID-19 recovered cases

Kerala has more number of COVID-19 recovered cases

The first COVID-19 case was reported in Kerala in India. But, the state treated them effectively. Kerala is implementing stringent measures to control COVID-19 cases due to which the curve has flattened.

As of April 15, Kerala had 387 coronavirus cases; out of them, 167 cases are active and 217 people have recovered. The remaining people passed away.

More recovered cases have been reported than positive cases for four days in Kerala. The state reported only one new case on Wednesday.

The number of active cases was 178 whereas the number of recoveries was 198 on April 13. Kerala reported eight new cases on April 14. These cases are from three districts: Four from Kannur, three from Kozhikode and one from Kasaragod. On the same day, 13 people were discharged from the hospital after recovery.

The total number of deaths reported in Kerala due to coronavirus are 3.

While 173 people are under treatment, 211 people recovered. Out of 16,235 samples sent for testing, 15,488 were negative. 1,07,075 people are under observation across the state at present.

Kerala is adopting various successful models from different countries and taking inspiration from those who successfully managed the COVID-19 situation.

South Korea is one of the best countries to deal with coronavirus effectively. Inspired by the country, Kerala established a walk-in testing booth for coronavirus. Anyone can just walk in the booth, complete the test within 10 minutes and leave the place.

Kerala is also administering the mix of four drugs to treat coronavirus. These drugs include two varieties of HIV anti-virus drugs, and hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

This helps patients from developing pneumonia at the initial stage and save their lives. The success of Kerala is gaining global recognition.
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