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Hands-free sanitizing facility in Kerala

Hands-free sanitizing facility in Kerala

As handwashing is one of the preventive measures of COVID-19, people all over the world are giving importance to it.

Taps are turned off with hands, hence, it seems that hands are not safe even after washing them.

If the tap is at home, it is no problem as proper care is taken for cleaning the tap. But, taps at public places are not guaranteed that they are properly cleaned.

In this context, a hands-free sanitizing facility has been installed in Kerala by All India Professional’s Congress (AIPC) secretary Sudheer Mohan.

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor shared its picture on Twitter. Many people applauded the foot pedal-operated handwashing facility.

The hands-free hand wash facility was installed at Fort Kochi.

To help people break the chain of the novel coronavirus transmission, the facility was installed.

The facility has a drum, basin, tap, and a foot pedal to pump water and thus the facility functions. It also has a soap dispenser. Such a design is essential now.

After installing the facility, Sudheer and his colleagues washed their hands using it. Netizens appreciated this move. In this regard, this type of facilities is needed throughout the country.

The total number of coronavirus cases reached 468. The deadly virus is spreading drastically. Several states declared lockdown. Yet, many people did not follow the rules. Crowds were seen at supermarkets and vegetable markets as people rushed to them.

In some states, only a single person, i.e. the driver is allowed on a vehicle. 14 new cases were reported in Mumbai in the last 24 hours and the total number of coronavirus positive cases in Maharashtra reached 97. Moreover, crowds were seen on the roads to control coronavirus. Hence, Maharashtra and Punjab imposed a curfew.

Image Reference: Indiatoday

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