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Indian railways finally addresses the bad toilets

Indian railways finally address the bad toilets

While Indian Railways has been addressing many passenger complaints and making improvements to their trains in recent times, they are finally addressing their passengers’ biggest complaint: their trains’ toilets.

Indian Railways has often received complaints about the trains’ stinking toilets. People have particularly raised complaints about these toilets in long-distance journey trains.

Part of the blame does lie in the way that people use the toilets. However, the aging Indian Railways coaches certainly need some improved facilities.

Over the next 2 to 3 years, over 50,000 coaches of Indian Railways trains will receive improved toilets. These are some of the ways that Indian Railways is looking to improve the toilets on their trains.

Indian Railways will be putting aircraft-like toilets in their trains. Bio-vacuum toilets will be installed in 500 Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches.

Only the top part of the toilet system, the squatting pan, will be replaced. It will be changed to a vacuum-based flushing system.

These air-pressure assisted bio-toilets will be far more efficient in their water usage. They will use almost ¼ of the water used in the previous toilet system.

In ICF-design coaches, Indian Railways is planning to install a venturi-type ventilation system on the floor. This ventilation system would involve the installation of two pipes. One pipe would be for the inflow of air. The other pipe would be for the outflow of air.

This will ensure better toilet ventilation. Indian Railways also plans to install ventilation outlets at the bottom of toilet doors, as well as exhaust fans on the side wall of toilets.

Indian Railways will be addressing issues of toilet choking. On-board housekeeping staff will help with any toilet choking problems. Also, train toilets will be cleaned every two hours.

6,000 ICF-design coaches have yet to go for a mid-life refit. These coaches will get modular FRP toilets. These toilets will be similar to the toilets in the LHB coaches.

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