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30000 Indian railway coaches are getting a new look

30000 Indian railway coaches are getting a new look

In the 1990s, the brick red color scheme of the Indian Railways trains was replaced with a dark blue color scheme. This dark blue color scheme has been on the trains since then. However, the trains’ color scheme will soon be replaced again.

This time, the current dark blue color scheme will be replaced with a beige and brown color scheme.

All Mail trains and Express trains will be repainted with this new beige and brown color scheme, with a few exceptions. The exceptions are the Rajdhani Express trains, the Shatabdi Express trains, the Duronto Express trains, the Tejas Express trains, the Gatimaan Express trains, and the Humsafar Express trains.

The first train that will have this new beige and brown color scheme will be the Delhi-Pathankot Express train. 16 coaches of this train have been repainted with this new color scheme.

The newly-painted Delhi-Pathankot Express train will be rolled out by the end of June. Indian Railways will be repainting around 30,000 conventional coaches.

These coaches will be manufactured at the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai. An official of the Ministry of Railways said that a complete makeover of coaches is long overdue. After it was finally approved by Piyush Goyal, the Minister of Railways, the new beige and brown color scheme was applied in trains.

Indian Railways has been putting in a lot of effort to improve both the exteriors and interiors of its trains, in order to ensure the best passenger experience possible.

Some of the Indian Railways’ interior changes include the replacement of the old train toilets with new bio-toilets and the installation of reading lights and mobile charging ports at every berth.

Additionally, Indian Railways has made its seats more comfortable, and it has improved its ladders for better access to the upper berth. Indian Railways has also brought in cleaner blankets and installed LED berth indicators.

With these new, freshly-applied coats of paint scheduled to roll out on its trains soon, Indian Railways is taking another step to improve the riding experience of its passengers.

Image credit: Photo by Yash Bhardwaj on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/80iU8ECOXEc

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