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Websites of Indian embassies hacked?

Websites of Indian embassies hacked?, the latest information on security and hacker news website revealed that various websites of Indian embassies were purportedly hacked and vital data was leaked.

The website creates awareness on cyber security and provides latest information on data and security hacks. reported that at least seven of Indian embassy websites were hacked.

These include the embassies in Italy, Libya, Malawi, Mali, South Africa, Switzerland and Romania. Among them, Mali was the least affected by the hack and Libya was the highest. The web sites of these embassies still seem to be working.

The leaked data was published on It includes name, passport number, email-id, phone numbers, and admin and login details. Indian government blocked the website.

The data of as many as 800 registered Indian nationals was leaked in different countries. The Indian Embassy in South Africa was hacked first which was followed by the Indian Embassy in Bern. All the details of 161 Indians from South Africa were revealed. The leaked data from the website of Indian Embassy in Bern includes all the above in addition to the place where the students were enrolled for study.

Furthermore, announced these: three databases were hacked from the website of Indian Embassy in Italy. Like, Bern, here also students are affected the most.

A twitter handle @Kapustkiy, calling itself Cyber Detective, tweeted in a series of tweets stating that several websites of Indian embassies were breached but all the database was not leaked. The twitter handle assured to help in solving the issue and fix the problem.

The hacker in an email to the website of stated that he is from Netherlands who found SQL on their websites. He reported them about the vulnerabilities and then later he leaked the information after being ignored.

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