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Combating spoofed calls: India’s crackdown on cyber fraud

Combating spoofed calls: India’s crackdown on cyber fraud

Cybercrime is an escalating threat, with scammers increasingly resorting to spoofed calls to deceive Indian citizens.

These fraudulent calls, which appear to come from Indian mobile numbers, are actually made by criminals operating from abroad. 

By manipulating the calling line identity, these fraudsters make international calls seem like they originate within India.

Recently, there has been a notable surge in such spoofed calls. Criminals have misused them in various scams. These include fake digital arrests, FedEx scams, and drugs/narcotics in couriers. 

They have also impersonated government and police officials and posed as representatives from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) or the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). And they started threatening to disconnect mobile numbers unless immediate action was taken.

In response to this growing threat, the DoT and Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) have developed a system to identify and block these calls. 

They have issued clear directions to TSPs to prevent such international spoofed calls from reaching any Indian telecom subscriber. 

As per these directions, TSPs are already blocking incoming international spoofed calls that display Indian landline and mobile numbers.

This initiative is part of a broader effort under the Digital India scheme, aimed at ensuring the safety and security of telecom users. 

The DoT has taken multiple steps to protect citizens, including the launch of the Sanchar Saathi portal. This citizen-centric platform provides various tools and resources to safeguard telecom users from different types of fraud.

One key feature of the Sanchar Saathi portal is the Chakshu facility, where users can report suspected fraud communications. 

By reporting these calls, citizens play a crucial role in helping authorities track and curb the activities of cybercriminals. 

This collaborative approach between the government, telecom providers, and vigilant users is essential in fighting the menace of spoofed calls and financial fraud.

The rising incidence of spoofed calls highlights the importance of being vigilant and informed. Users should be cautious of unsolicited calls, especially those demanding immediate action or financial information. They should report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities through the Sanchar Saathi portal.

The combined efforts of the DoT, TSPs, and proactive citizens are vital in combating cyber fraud. By staying alert and reporting suspicious calls, everyone can contribute to making the digital space safer. 

The measures taken under the Digital India scheme, including the blocking of international spoofed calls and the establishment of the Sanchar Saathi portal, are significant steps towards protecting telecom users from cyber threats.

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Image Published 05/29/2020

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