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UIDAI charges ₹100 to update biometric details

UIDAI charges ₹100 to update biometric details

Aadhaar Card is the most-sought document for proof of identity and address across the nation.

So, it is vital to keep the details of the card updated. Now, you have to pay ₹100 for Aadhaar updates.

The UIDAI said in a tweet that you have to pay ₹100 whether you update one field or many and your biometrics. However, you have to pay only ₹50 for updating demographic details.

If you are a registered candidate and want to update biometric details like iris, fingerprint scan and photograph, mobile number, gender and email ID, no documents are required.

For other details, you need to submit certain documents along with the prescribed fee and application form.

UIDAI accepts 45 documents as proof of address, 32 documents as proof of identity and 15 documents as proof of date of birth. If you want to update the details, you can submit any one of them.

Passport, PAN Card, ration card, voter ID, driving license etc. are valid documents for proof of identity.

Passport, bank statement or passbook, ration card, voter ID, driving license, recent electricity bill not older than three months, water bill and landline telephone bill are some valid address proof documents.

Birth Certificate, SSLC certificate, passport, PAN card, and any other photo ID card that has the date of birth are valid documents for date of birth. For the complete list of valid documents, visit their website.

You can update your details on their website. Or use the UIDAI app or visit Aadhaar Enrollment Center. If you want to visit Aadhaar Enrollment Center to update your details, you need to book an appointment on the website.

However, there are restrictions on the number of times you can make changes for certain details. You can change your name only twice. Date of birth and gender can be updated only once. So be careful while making changes.

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