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A technical group to monitor Zika virus

A technical group to monitor Zika virus

As the number of cases of Zika virus from South America and the US are increasing, the Centre has made a move to form a technical group to monitor the situation of this virus. The centre is prepared to come out with an advisory soon.

The WHO has warned that the Zika virus is spreading rapidly all over. The next day, the government made the decision to increase its surveillance system and to make sure that measures are taken to be prepared for any eventuality that might happen.

With the recent cases of Zika virus being reported from some countries, the Health Minister J P Nadda held a high-level meeting to consider the situation along with some senior officials from the ministry and AIIMS.

The minister stated that they are watching and monitoring the situation on Zika virus closely and all the necessary steps have been taken to make sure that India is well prepared for what might come.

According to a warning from WHO, the rapid spreading of Zika virus in the Americas can infect up to four million people. WHO issued a warning to all countries including India. The Zika virus is carried by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. That mosquito is also suspected to cause brain damage in babies. This is also the mosquito which carries dangerous viruses like Dengue and Chikungunya which are already great threats to tropical countries like India.

Now, the Zika virus is the new threat. The outbreak began in Brazil last year. Since then, it has already spread to 24 countries in the Americas. Zika virus is a dangerous virus which can cause neurological problems like microcephaly (a condition of abnormally small head in babies).

The health ministry is all set to make an advisory to people of India. They are especially advising against the travel of pregnant woman to affected countries.

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