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Preventive and promotive healthcare to be improved

Preventive and promotive healthcare to be improved

Government wants to improve the preventive healthcare. The problem of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is increasing in the country. Nearly 60% of mortality has occurred due to these diseases. In this context, central government requested healthcare practitioners to send solutions to develop preventive and contributory healthcare in India.

Union Health Minister JP Nadda at the 2nd National Conference on Family Medicine and Primary Care in New Delhi stated that it is essential to focus on preventive and promotive healthcare at both primary and secondary level due to majority of citizens in India spending a lot on these health issues. He added that India is facing twin burden of diseases simultaneously. The burden of NCDs accounts for more than 60% of mortality rate in the country and majority of population still need to spend a lot out of their pockets for this.

In this regard, an official statement was released requesting the family medicine practitioners to come up with solutions to improve the preventive and promotive healthcare.

He emphasized the importance of National Health Mission (NHM) and its vital role in establishing the rural infrastructure to provide healthcare services via its organizational methods.  Preventive and promotive health creates a major constituent of NHM and it solves the healthcare needs of the people in the country.

In a country like India that has a huge population, it needs many arrangements to reach majority of population. Especially in rural areas there is a need of mid-level care providers. Healthcare ministry is working on this issues and discussing with IMA and MCI in establishing rural healthcare providers. These healthcare providers are to be trained and are similar to those of Nurses, AYUSH Doctors, B.Sc. in Community Health, and others with healthcare degrees.

The Minister added that it is very serious in considering the solutions given by AFPI to solve health issues in the country and offer excellent medical facilities to patients at their doorways.

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