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Talgo train’s final trial run today

Talgo train’s final trial run today

The Talgo train embarked on its final trial run yesterday. The train runs at 150 km per hour speed from New Delhi to Mumbai and is estimated to complete the journey in 12 hours. Thus, it is aimed to reduce the journey time between New Delhi and Mumbai by four hours.

The Talgo train that was scheduled to start at 2: 45 PM Thursday is expected to reach Mumbai at 2:29 AM Friday. However, it reached Mumbai at 3:15 AM and covered a distance of 1,384 kmph. Today the final trial run will be conducted in which the train is expected to cover its journey within a time span of 12 hours.

At present, the super-fast Rajdhani Express covers the distance of New Delhi and Mumbai in 16 hours of time. If the Talgo train comes to full functionality, it is expected to overtake the journey time of the former train.

So far, Talgo train finished three trial runs. In its first trial, it traveled in Bareilly-Moradabad stretch in Uttar Pradesh. Second trial was conducted on the Palwal-Mathura section of the North-Central Railway. The third trial was conducted between New Delhi and Mumbai.

Talgo train has nine coaches. Out of nine coaches, two are Executive Class cars, four are Chair Cars, one cafeteria, one power car and the last one is a tail-end coach for staff and equipment. During the trial run of the train, technicians were onboard along with the railway staff.

Talgo trains are manufactured by Spanish firm Talgo. Indian Railways wants to introduce the high speed trains on specific routes after the successful completion of trial runs. Apart from running faster than normal trains, these trains consume 30 per cent less energy than those trains. Thus, these trains save both money and time.

Image Reference: India.com

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