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Railways to pay penalty for issuing a ticket dated 3013

Railways to pay penalty for issuing a ticket dated 3013

It is strange, but true that Indian Railways issued a ticket to a retired professor dated for 3013 five years ago.

This caused a lot of inconvenience to him as he was ousted from the train in which he was travelling by the TTE.

It is not known how this incident took place, whether it was because of negligence of someone or because of some other reason, but, railways were found guilty in this case and was slapped with a penalty by a consumer court.

As per the reports, Vishnu Kant Shukla, a retired professor had boarded Himgiri Express on November 19, 2013 to travel from Saharanpur to Jaunpur to visit his friend on the expiry of his friend’s wife.

When the TTE came to check the ticket, he found that the ticket was dated for 3013. So, he removed Shukla from the train at Moradabad.

The professor felt very bad by the incident after being evicted from the train. The event humiliated him in front of the co-passengers as well. Not just that, he had to pay a penalty of ₹800 and his journey was suspended.

Then Shukla filed a case in consumer court in Uttara Pradesh. The case went for five years. At last, on Tuesday, the court found the Railways guilty and slapped a penalty of ₹13,000. ₹10,000 is for causing mental harassment to Shukla and additional ₹3,000 as compensation to him.

However, nobody from the railways was available to comment on this.

Recently, Indian Railways is taking several steps for its passengers to create a positive image for itself.

Installing video cameras in the kitchens of the trains which facilitates its passenger to watch the live-stream of the base kitchens is one such step.

Several apps are also being developed for the satisfaction of passengers.

Indian Railways is also trying to change its outdated policies. One such example is imposing penalty on excess baggage.

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