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Railways to carry trash bags for waste disposal

Railways to carry trash bags for waste disposal

In the wake of environment pollution, people want to find out alternative resources that do not pollute environment.

The increased awareness among Indians due to ‘Swacch Bharat’ and other such campaigns make them think twice before throwing garbage on the roads and surrounding areas.

Not all people might not be like that, but majority of Indians are more environment conscious these days.

However, some times, people do not find garbage bags to dispose waste and have to carry that waste along with them.

In such situations, many people throw them roadside or wherever they want without finding or seeking any option.

Especially, if you observe in Railway coaches, people normally dispose garbage from windows. In the AC coaches, people cannot do that and they have to dispose them in specific dustbins.

Yet, some lazy passengers throw them under berths. In order to avoid such things, and provide for proper waste disposal, Indian Railways wants to adopt the airline model and use carry trash bags.

Like flight attendants, the pantry staff of Indian Railways will collect the waste from passengers after meals on all trains.

At present, passengers keep meals plates under the seats which are collected by pantry staff by stacking them. However, leftover food is spilled on the floor. Moreover, banana peels and other such things are kept on the berths or floor.

In some trains there is no pantry service available. In those, onboard housekeeping staff should keep carry trash bags.

The new carry trash bags model helps passengers dispose all their trash items effectively.

Indian Railways is constantly trying to adopt airline model to give extra comfort to their passengers. These include changes in food, vacuum toilets and now the carry trash bags.

Image credit: Photo by Fayas S on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/yoPjoxny8aI

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