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New user-friendly Railway time table

New user-friendly Railway time table

On Friday, October 2, the New Railway Time Table will be effective. This time table is to be very user-friendly. It will have information regarding about new stoppages in Duronto train service, train reservation details, Tatkal scheme, refund rules, and many other relevant things.

This time table is called “Train at Glance”. As the name suggests, the new railway time table gives a clear and simple look to the users. In order to make it user-friendly, it will have information how to read a table too. Other features include, trains between important stations, route map, station code index, Train number index station index, and train name index.

One can also find information related to advance reservation period, internet reservation, Tatkal scheme, Refund rules, disaster management, rail travel concessions and catering services in this time table. Only six new express trains which were recently introduced will be in the new Time Table.

The Railways recommended the passengers to check the new timings and new starting terminal stations from October 1 they make plans for their journey. Passengers can also use the Railways website to find the new Trains at a Glance.

The time table will also contain the operational halts of all Duronto trains because they have been converted into commercial stoppages. There are some trains whose speed has been increased in order to lower the travel time to help the passengers. Some trains were even made into superfast because of speeding up due to shift in primary maintenance depot. This information is also available in the new time table. There are few trains which were also renamed recently and the new time table will feature them. These trains are Anuvrat Express, Leelan Express, Loknayak Express, Sushashan Express, Yoga Express, Kriya Yoga Express also feature in the new Time Table.

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