Government will patent airplanes as an Indian innovation

Government will patent airplanes as an Indian innovation

Government will patent airplanes as an Indian innovation

Ever since the Modi government came into power, their motto has been about preserving India’s identity and bring it international fame. Ayurveda and yoga has been promoted on a global scale.

But it doesn’t stop there, the government is set to spread India’s deserved fame all over the world.

For this purpose, a new committee has been started: Pradhan Mantri Jai Bharat Yojana. And the first thing PMJBY is going to do is to make it known to the world that India invented the air plane.

“Wright brothers stole the concept that Indians came up with”, says Viman Raavan, the chairman of the committee.

“Just take a look at Ramayana, it clearly talks about Pushpak Vimaan. The plane used by gods themselves. Ramayana is one of the oldest epics, just by that fact alone it is clear who stole from whom”.

Saying that the wright brothers are wrongly credited for the innovation of airplane, he says that the committee will do anything to get Valmiki, the writer of Ramayana, the credit for innovation of airplane.

“We have already put a formal request to the UNO. We are expecting a positive response soon”,  he adds.

The committee plans to patent the use of airplane so that all countries would need India’s permission for air travel.

“Indians are pioneers of science, even before the westerners could dream of such things, we were miles ahead in innovation. Next on our list is brain transplantation and surgery in general. Indian physicians invented these methods, but now we get no credit,” says the official statement from the committee. The committee wants to promote Ayurveda too.

“It is time to say goodbye to western medicine. By following our traditional medicine, we won’t even get sick. Take a look at statistics, we have so many new diseases like chicken pox and cancer all because of westernization. For the sake of our own health, this westernization must be stopped!”

The announcement of this committee comes on April 1, the day commonly associated with ridiculous stories to fool others, like this one.

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