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GES 2017 highlights

GES 2017 highlights

Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017 began yesterday in Hyderabad. The event is co-hosted by the US and India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Ivanka Trump are the chief guests. 1,500 entrepreneurs, investors and eco-system supporters from 159 countries participated in it.

PM Modi at the inaugural of the Summit urged investors to Make in India and Invest in India for the benefit of India as well as the world.

He added that he invites everyone who participated in the event to become a partner in India’s growth and assured to provide whole-hearted support from the country.

He praised young entrepreneurs that they are the vehicles of change and are valuable to the country as their contribution helps create a New India by 2022.

PM also said that his government understands that good environment and a rule of law are essential for the success of entrepreneurship and to attract more investors. His government succeeded in creating a friendly and stable environment from the macro-economic view.

He quoted about the Moody’s recent upgrade of India’s government bond ratings which came after 14 years due to government’s efforts and measures to check tax evasion and control black money. He added that various business-friendly measures were taken by his government to support startups and entrepreneurs.

This year’s theme of GES is ‘Women first, Prosperity for All’. Ivanka Trump said that there are many equitable laws in the world, yet much work needs to be done on this.

She added that in many countries, women are not allowed to own property. They cannot work or travel freely without the permission of their husbands. Many women do not have freedom to work outside due to family pressure.

Ivanka said that working women can create multiplier effect as they hire more women than men to work. Moreover, women reinvest their income back more than men.

She also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his belief that the empowerment of women can make the progress of humanity complete.

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